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ChordSavers™ StudioSaver™ Cord Covers
Part Number: CC-CS-STU

Designed to protect and organize cables, cords and wires, StudioSaver floor cord cover is ideal to protect against medium sized applications or it can be a supreme addition to other versions in the ChordSavers line of products.

ChordSavers™ StudioSaver™ Cord Covers
ChordSavers™ StudioSaver™ Cord Covers
Part Number Description Color Options Weight (lbs) Weight (lbs)
CC-CS-STU-1 StudioSaver Cord Cover Black, White, Yellow, Gray 1 1
CC-CS-STU-1 StudioSaver Cord Cover Stainable 1 1
CC-CS-STU-5 StudioSaver Cord Cover (pack of 5) Black, White, Yellow, Gray 5 5
CC-CS-STU5 StudioSaver Cord Cover (pack of 5) Dark Oak, Light Oak, Cherry 5 5
CC-CS-STU-5 StudioSaver Cord Cover (pack of 5) Stainable 5 5
Features and Benefits
  • Wide design holds more cables
  • Interlocks to make any desired length
  • Made from thick PVCPolyvinyl Chloride material
  • Comes in 36" lengths
  • Tacky non-skid rubber backing to secure in place prevents tripping hazards
  • Hard PVC provides great cord protection from foot traffic
  • Removable snap-on cover
Length (inches) Width (inches) Height (inches) Weight (lbs)
36 2-3/8 5/8 1